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In the track and field, he broke the world record for 32 long-distance races and cleared the field with a 200-meter radius when he threw the javelin. He was the king of the eastern male deer and the thrower.

On the basketball court, he chopped 40 rebounds and 20 blocks in the Olympic arena, and flew O’Neill with one arm. He is the overlord of the basket.

On the weightlifting platform, he rewrote the history of China’s heavyweight lifting without a crown, creating a permanent record of weightlifting. He is a unique champion.

In the boxing ring, he did not move like a mountain, fist in return, three-fist KO Klitschko brothers, he is an invincible iron fist.

The fiercest beater on the ice court, the most violent tackle on the football field.

With a deadlift of 650 kg, a modern bench press of 600 kg, and a double punch of 1,000 kg, he is the strongest man on the planet.

Marathon 1 hour and 32 minutes, swimming 380 kilometers across the Taiwan Strait, he is the most enduring man on the planet.

The miracle of the miracle of sports history is the most perfect template for human evolution.

His name is Yi Dun.

He is a ton of superman!

- Description from Qidian


Short Title:ATS
Original Title:一吨超人
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#2539
Monthly Rank:#2471
All Time Rank:#1760

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