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A Quick Walkthrough: Male God, Don’t Run Away

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[One-on-one in this article, the male protagonist is always alone! ]

Shu Ange never expected that she would be selected by the Time and Space Administration.

High-cold school grass, gentle doctor, unintentional holy monk, cold knight…
In different time and space, in different planes, she and he never leave, save the world together!

“Host, what if the target of attack is too romantic?”

“Then conquer him spiritually and destroy him physically!”

Shu Ange waved her little hand domineeringly, she was the one who wanted to become a gold medal time and space manager.

Labels of works: Shuangwen, enchanting, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, system flow

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Short Title:MGDRA
Alternate Title:快穿攻略之男神别跑
Author:blue bridge jade
Weekly Rank:#1830
Monthly Rank:#2095
All Time Rank:#2300
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Quick Transmigration, System, World Hopping,
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13 Comments on “A Quick Walkthrough: Male God, Don’t Run Away
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  1. Since I see everyone asking for which novel it might be. Dose anyone know a Female MC who has to travel to each world as the supporting actress and fulfill their wish ? Like their wish is to make the Ml(male god) fall in love with her just to dump them? The ml is like sorta cold no emotion at all. Sorta yandere ish for the FL around the second/third arc. He doesn't ever like disrespect her though. The fl is sorta also cold she’s not the stupid sweet type or etc.She’s like logical and manipulative in a sense ?

  2. Does anyone know this novel where a girl is a transmigration person to different world its a school arc where the male lead come to get revenge for his brother death and try to make the female lead fall in love with him but the female lead dies from a car hitting her. If someone knows this novel pls tell me i forgot the name and i really want to read it again.

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