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A President’s Out-of-Body Experience

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Novel Summary

Our straight (?) bottom woke up ten years into the future and found himself on the bed of his childhood friend… At the start, the bottom was shocked to his very bones, but he soon quickly accepted this premise and found the whole situation to be rather amusing. Precisely then, the bottom once again went back to his timeline — back to when he and the top were just platonic childhood friends.

Landmines include but are not limited to: Sweet & naive bottom, a president story, logic is dead, slow-progressing romance, the protagonist’s name has too many character strokes, the names are hard to pronounce, too many gay characters…

- Description from novelupdates


Short Title:POBE
Original Title:总裁离魂小记
Author:Mu San Guan
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#2501
Monthly Rank:#2502
All Time Rank:#2484
Tags:Childhood Friends, Cute Protagonist, Lack of Common Sense, Modern Day, Naive Protagonist, Quirky Characters, Time Travel, Wealthy Characters,

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