Xia Weiwei was not impressed. At that time, Yan Shaoxuan did not hesitate to take Yan's family against Luo Cheju for her, and Yan Ming said nothing, even if she didn't know that she was his daughter, because she was Bai Yan's daughter, she did her best to help her Including those years abroad.

So Xia Weiwei said sincerely: Thank you! "No more rejection of his kindness.

In the end, Yan Ming had seen two children, Sheng Sheng was lively and Jing Nian was well-behaved. When Yan Ming heard Xia Weiwei asked the two children to call him "grandfather", she was surprised and excited, which showed that Xia Weiwei admitted that he was her father.

When leaving, Yan Shaoxuan suddenly held Xia Weiwei in her arms, as if she had poured all her mind and unspeakable feelings into this hug, so hard, so ...

"Wei Wei, you remember, we still have a constant blood relationship! Don't be wronged, you have a father and a brother!"

Xia Weiwei's eyes were red, and he hugged him tightly: "Well! Thank you ... brother!"

When they were sent to the car, Luo Che put his attitude very low, and showed enough sincerity and attitude to assure Yan Ming that he was recognized.

After the car drove away, Xia Weiwei plunged into Luo Cheju's arms, holding his neck, and remorse and guilt made her cry out: "Absolutely, am I selfish? Shaoxuan paid me so much But I was relieved after knowing that he was my brother, I love you! I don't want to leave you! But I don't want to be sorry for him! I owe him! I owe him all my life! He hurts? I know! It must be! How can I be so excessive! How can I! "

Luo Che held her face, kissed densely, and drained her tears: "Wei Wei, don't blame yourself, it's my bad, I'm too proud, I didn't ask you whether I love you or not When I said I love you! It ’s because of me that you are sorry for him! Do n’t blame yourself! Your emotions, whether good or bad, will be borne by me, and I will be responsible! What you owe him, let me return! You only need Let me give you happiness in peace, what the Yan family wants to see is your happiness. "

Xia Weiwei's voice still twitched: "Luo Chejue, I used to think that because of loving you, I lost my father, my mother, my sister, my aunt Lan, and my friends; because I love you, I am crazy I ’ve ever loved and hated; I ’ve lost my child, I ’ve ruined my face because I love you, I thought I could n’t walk forever; now I have my father again, with my brother, Jing Nian is still by my side, you Love me too! If I love you is doomed to suffer, then I am so happy!

"Your bitterness, your hate, your love, your pain, everything you can only be given by my Luo Che! In this life, you can't escape! Nor can you escape!"

The final epilogue disappeared on the lingering lips of the two, and Luo Che absolutely bit the **** in his arms, the woman who made him crazy, and walked all the way to the room.

On the plane, Yan Ming asked Yan Shaoxuan, "Why not let me and Wei Wei tell the truth?"

Why doesn't he know how uncomfortable this son is at the moment? Compared to Luo Chejue, he hopes that his daughter and Shaoxuan can walk together. Shaoxuan's feelings for Weiwei since he was a child. In his eyes, Luo Che is absolutely too strong. Weiwei and him can only be with him forever. It was the side that gave in.

"Wei Wei loves deeply. If I speak, she will be with me against her own heart, even if she doesn't follow me, she will always have a gap between Luo Qing and Liu Qing because of my affection. I don't want to make her embarrassed. Dad, thank you for not saying that! "

Yan Ming looked at Yan Shaoxuan like this and sighed. No one knows more about the feelings of being forced to give up his favorite person!

At that time, because he owed a friend a favor, he had to promise to marry his sister who was seriously ill, and vowed not to tell anyone, where did he not know that the friend was to fulfill her sister's heart, but even if Yan Ming married her Just nominal couples.

His wife was so depressed that she adopted a child who looked very similar to Yan Ming from the orphanage, and claimed to be a child born to them, and that child is now Yan Shaoxuan.

When Yan Shaoxuan endured the pain of his younger sister and told him that Weiwei was his daughter, Yan Ming also entrusted Yan Shaoxuan's life experience and the same.

I didn't expect this child to be so stupid!

Yan Shaoxuan seemed to be able to see when she was young, Wei Wei smiled sweetly: "Brother Shaoxuan, now you are my brother, will you grow up to be Wei Wei's groom?"

I ca n’t hold my hand until I turn my head and silently guard her as an elder brother. Maybe it ’s another kind of happiness.

Vivi, my greatest happiness is to see you happy!

End of book!

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