Xia Mo was sentenced to death and Xia Zhengyan was sentenced to life imprisonment. Luo Chejue and Xia Weiwei said that he was crazy. Instead of getting rid of death, it would be better to stay alive and spend the rest of his life to atone for sin.

On the day of his appearance in court, Xia Mo was completely mad after hearing the verdict, and he yelled eagerly to end up with Xia Weiwei, and was finally taken away. Xia Zhengyan laughed stupidly during the whole process. The two fathers and daughters ended up screaming at the audience .

When Chu Yu notified that Yan Shaoxuan was awake, Xia Weiwei went directly to the hospital. She must let him know about her life and the dispute between her mother and the Yan family.

After listening, Yan Shaoxuan smiled a little reluctantly: "Wei Wei, are you trying to make me feel better, so you came up with this reason to reject me?"

When he woke up, he was told that his favorite person turned out to be his half-sister. How did he accept it? Even if it was true, he didn't believe it.

Xia Weiwei stopped talking, and her mood was equally complicated. She knew how much Shaoxuan had devoted to her, and even she could not accept her own life, let alone him?

Some words don't need to say more, Xia Weiwei knows that Yan Shaoxuan has already believed.

"Vivi, you go back. I want to be alone." Yan Shaoxuan stopped looking at her with weakness and exhaustion on his face with too much blood loss, and no one knew how he felt in his heart.

For the next few days, Xia Weiwei never visited the hospital and did not dare to see Yan Shaoxuan's injured look.

Yan Shaoxuan took the initiative and came with a person.

Xia Weiwei was at the door, looking at the middle-aged man in a mid-mountain suit with a strong sense of facial features. Unlike Xia Zhengyan's elegant temperament, he looked harder.

It's Yan Ming, and it's her ..... biological father.

Xia Weiwei's eyelashes trembled, avoiding his eyes for recollection.

"Wei Wei, aren't you going to invite us to sit in?" Yan Shaoxuan smiled, as if returning to her previous gentleness and kindness, looking at her eyes clear.

Xia Weiwei silently led them into the living room, went to tea, and the atmosphere was dull for a while. Luo Chejue went downstairs to see the scene and just raised her eyebrows. Then she sat next to Xia Weiwei and held her hand, and she was shaking and cold.

"Mr. Yan came here this time, did he want to recognize Weiwei?"

Yan Ming learned from Xia Weixuan that Xia Weiwei turned out to be her own daughter, but she didn't know what to say. She had no good face to Luo Che. Of course, he knew that her daughter had suffered because of him in the past few years. How bitter!

So he just hummed and didn't answer, but Yan Shaoxuan said, "Luo Chejue, Wei Wei is the daughter of our Yan family. Today I came with my dad to express my attitude, even if Wei Wei couldn't accept Yan for a while. The identity of the family, the Yan family is also her backing, as long as she does not want, we can take her away at any time! "

Is this provocation? Luo Che has always known that he fights the snake seven inches: "Your brother's identity adapts quickly."

Yan Shaoxuan's expression froze, Xia Weiwei couldn't see it anymore, she gave Luo Chejue a secret secret: "Shaoxuan, I know you are for my good, and ... Mr. Yan." She looked up and looked down. Head: "I and I are very good. As for the Yan family, I am sorry ..."

"Child" Yan Ming interrupted her: "I know this is difficult for you to accept, I just came to tell you about me and your mother."

"At that time, my mother and I were in love with each other, and Yan Bai and I were very happy, but then and later your mother broke off with me because of some misunderstanding. I found her before she married Xia Zhengyan. But Yanyan was so stupid that she didn't listen to my explanation at all, so she just missed it. Later, after I learned that she was pregnant, she never contacted her again. I thought she was doing well. The person I loved most in my life Only your mother! "

"Xia Zhengyan dared to harm Yanyan! I can't wait to kill him!" Yan Ming's eyes flashed scarlet, and his fists used a lot of energy to stop him from hitting the table. He was afraid to scare his daughter.

Xia Weiwei looked down, and she was completely new to Yan Ming. Although Xia Zhengyan was not her father, she really played the role of father in her growing up.

Yan Ming saw her discomfort: "I just came to see you, regardless of whether you recognize me or not, the Yan family will stand by your side. Do n’t refuse, I ca n’t watch my daughter be beaten again. The Luo family is bullied! "