"Is your mother sorry for me! So she **** it! Haha! Bai Yan! I really want to see, if you know what your baby daughter ** looks like! Do n’t you love me! Do n’t you hate Yan Ming want to use Am I mad at him! How could you never imagine that your daughter would end up with the son of your love rival! Hahaha! "

Xia Zhengyan laughed and looked up, and the anger that had been suppressed for many years was finally released!

Xia Weiwei tightened Sheng Sheng, her daughter cringed in her arms in fear, Xia Zhengyan misunderstood Sheng Sheng's identity, and seeing his reaction, she must figure out the entanglement of that year and her life experience!

"Since you know, why do you want to join the Baibai family!"

Adding the word makes Xia Zhengyan's face suddenly ugly: "What do you know! If it was not for your mother, how could I give up dignity and enter the burden! I really treat her sincerely, and she refuses to be close to me! You After I was born, I thought she started accepting me because of you. I didn't expect she was just trying to hide your identity! Since she is merciless, then don't blame me for being cruel! "

"So you're looking for a woman to give birth to Xia Mo right?"

"That's right! I threatened her with your identity, forcing her to declare that Xia Mo was born to her! She can't go, if she wants to be okay, and you want to be right, she will have to promise me the terms! She Sorry for me! I want the entire Bai Family! But she even put me together! This bitch! "

Xia Zhengyan was just an ordinary and ambitious young man. He fell in love with Bai Yan at first sight and used his ability to admire Bai Yan's parents. He knew the relationship between Bai Yan and Yan Ming, but suddenly they no longer communicated with each other. Later, Yan Ming married his wife. At that time, Bai Yan's parents asked him if he would like to join the Bai family, married Bai Yan, and inherited Bai's enterprise.

Of course, he was overjoyed. He didn't care about the indifference of Bai Yan on the wedding night. He thought that the children would change as long as the day went on. Bai Yan became pregnant once and gave birth to Xia Weiwei. He gave all his pets My daughter just wanted to change Bai Yan's smiley face. did not expect! Xia Weiwei is not his daughter!

He questioned Bai Yan, and even suggested that as long as Bai Yan was willing to accept him, he could not blame him and treat Xia Weiwei as her biological daughter, but what did the woman say!

"Xia Zhengyan, I can't love you in my life, you make me sick!"

it is good! Isn't she unwilling to give up! His daughter is in his hands, she is not only at his mercy, even if she hates Xia Mo again, she has to answer her mom! Even if she doesn't look down on him anymore! Also had to make a harmonious affection with him in front of Xia Weiwei!

If she is willing to take Bai's debt to pay her debts, he will save her a low life, the couple ’s father and daughter continue to play, let her surrender sooner or later!

Xia Zhengyan's heart was fierce at first, and because of love and hate, he was ruined if he didn't get what he wanted. Xia Mo was like him, paranoid.

He stepped forward and was separated from Xia Weiwei, Xia Weiwei could feel his hatred, and those eyes stained with wind and frost were full of haze.

"Your mother is a ruthless and mean woman! You ca n’t get better. I ’d like to see if the kid of Luo family knows that you have a child and will throw you away as trash, it ’s all retribution. Hahaha! I'm staring at death! "

Xia Weiwei took a step back to protect Sheng Sheng and calmly said, "Sheng Sheng is my daughter and Luo Chejue."

After speaking, she did n’t even watch his reaction. When she went out, she almost fell and found her legs were weak. Xia Weiwei took a deep breath and stopped paying attention to the clapping sound of the door and the roar and Scream.

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