When Xia Zhengyan saw Xia Weiwei appearing in the prison, it was no surprise. After knowing that she was not dead, she knew that she would come to him.

When Xia Weiwei saw Xia Zhengyan again, she was surprisingly calm. She quietly looked at this familiar and unfamiliar father. Who could think of a rotten and dirty heart under the elegant appearance? Killing his wife and daughter, she no longer has any expectation of this father, that is a stain on her mother!

"That's how your mom taught you? Wouldn't you cry when you saw dad?"

He still has a face to lift up his mother? !!

"We have long since broken off, haven't we!"

Xia Zhengyan looked at her coldly, and was very disgusted: "You wicked girl, with no respect for you, get out of me! When you see you, you think of your mother who is a watery poppy!"

"I don't allow you to stigmatize your mother! I just want to hear your own confession that you designed Xia Mo to kill your mother! You sent someone to kill me."

Xia Zhengyan laughed loudly: "Stupid! I did it, why? Do you want to uncle!"

Xia Weiwei said softly, "Why? You're sorry for your mother first. If you have Xia Mo outside, you just want to kill us for your share? Dad! Didn't you have a fake affection for your mother and for me!"

Xia Zhengyan's eyes softened for a moment, and then he thought of something. Looking at Xia Weiwei's eyes turned out to be killing: "Don't call my dad! The worst thing I did was not kill you!"

Xia Weiwei's heart was completely cold, and she signaled the outside police to carry Sheng Sheng in: "Since I have nothing to say, father and daughter, I will take my daughter to take you for a ride."

Father Xia glanced at Sheng Sheng and suddenly asked, "She is the daughter of you and Yan Shaoxuan?"

Sheng Sheng did look a bit similar to Yan Shaoxuan. Before Xia Weiwei answered, Xia Zhengyan burst into a happy laugh: "Hahaha! Bai Yan! Your retribution is coming! Brother and sister ** give birth to evil! What a pleasure! "

"Dad, what are you talking about!" What brother and sister? What retribution?

Xia Zhengyan's laughter came to an abrupt end, and he looked at Xia Weiwei grimly: "Don't call me dad! You are not my daughter at all! You are a sinner of Bai Yan and Yan Mingsheng!"

how can that be! Xia Weiwei didn't believe it!

"This is impossible!" How could my mother and Shaoxuan's father ...

"Huh! The two of them have long been treacherous! That woman! I love her so much! She still remembers Yan Ming so much! She dared to lie to me! Let me raise someone else's seed!"

When Xia Zhengyan saw Xia Weiwei, she would think of the humiliation Bai Yan brought to him, the humiliation that a man can't bear!

"If it weren't for you when you were six years old, a joke, I wouldn't doubt your appearance, and then do a paternity test, you are really not my seed!"

Xia Zhengyan's attitude made Xia Weiwei have to believe that, indeed, she looks more like a mother, but Xia Mo's silhouette has a shadow of Xia Zhengyan, but Xia Weiwei has never doubted because Xia Zhengyan is too good for her!

No, no! Yes, before the age of six, but after the age of six, she gradually found that her father preferred her sister. At that time, she was jealous and coquettish, and Xia Zhengyan let her ride on her shoulders, saying that she is the sister who wants her sister, and her mother is not more Is she?

Indeed, her mother was always indifferent to Xia Mo. She did not understand before. Now she knows that Xia Mo was not born by her mother, but she did not expect that she was not Xia's daughter!

"However, you and your mother ..." She has been in Xia's family since she has memories. She never believes that her mother will commit such a affair!

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