Later, Chu Yu arrived in time. Yan Shaoxuan was sent to the rescue room. Xia Weiwei insisted on waiting for the results in the hospital. Luo Che had to deal with Xia Mo's affairs first. He knew that if Yan Shaoxuan could not save him, Xia Weiwei and him would never be there again. Impossible, he has investigated her four years abroad and knows the importance of Yan Shaoxuan to her.

It's not love, but it's no longer possible.

Chu Yu can see it more or less, so he patted his shoulder before entering the operating room: "Relax, give it to me, Jing Nian needs you to watch."

After a long rescue, Yan Shaoxuan was finally out of danger, but still unconscious. Xia Weiwei stayed in the hospital to take care of the whole process. Occasionally she ran on both sides. Looking at Jingnian, Luo Che absolutely said nothing.

He asked Chu Yu: "How is his condition?"

Chu Yu glanced at Yan Shaoxuan: "During the recovery, he lost too much blood and needed to take good care of it. It was because of his life, Xia Mo's sword was really ruthless.

Luo Che hummed absolutely coldly.

Chu Yu turned his head: "Jing Nian's recovery is pretty good, it can be regarded as a blessing due to misfortune, and he began to recover his consciousness, but his intelligence is still a baby."

Luo Che nodded absently, watching Xia Weiwei carefully wipe Yan Shaoxuan, ridiculing in her ear: "Not jealous?"

"He saved Wei Wei, and if he woke up, if I wanted to borrow this to make Wei Wei promise to go with him, I would be harder than Xia Mo."

Chu Yu laughed, and he knew that he really cared: "I heard you took Xia Zhengyan back? He refused to confess guilt?"

"Is there a difference?" Luo Che never looked at Xia's father. He had some means to deal with him, but Xia Zhengyan was Xia Weiwei's father. In some cases, Luo Che wanted Xia Weiwei to take his own ideas.

"Absolutely, are you here?"

Luo Che absolutely stepped in and pulled her hand: "Tired?"

Xia Weiwei smiled and shook her head. She knew that Luo Che never liked her to be close to Yan Shaoxuan, so she was grateful for his tolerance these days, and she really felt that she was hurt and pampered by Luo Che absolutely. she was.

"Your father is in prison. Do you want to see him?"

Xia Weiwei paused, knowing Luo Che's absolute heart, could not help but hugged his waist: "Absolutely, thank you, I have to ask him to understand some questions, what to do afterwards, you do not have to take care of me."

Luo Che held her quietly and said, "Okay."

"I want to take Sheng Sheng to see him. After all, it is his grandson, so let's take him for a ride." Xia Weiwei smelled the breath on his body, her voice was very low, and she was tired.

Luo Cheju adjusted her posture to make her lie more comfortably in his arms, clutching her hands with fingers intertwined, and the low-pitched voice was like a mellow wine, gentle and entangled: "You are tired, sleep for a while I'm here with you, huh? "

"When you wake up, you and I will take Shengsheng to see Jingnian. Ayu said that Jingnian can wake up in the past few days."

Xia Weiwei responded drowsily: "Oh, well, Sheng Sheng will be very happy ............"

In prison, Xia Zhengyan was calm on the surface, but was really anxious. Luo Che would never let him in if he brought him in, all because of Xia Mo's idiot! Revealed his boss, but fortunately! They have always been cautious in doing things themselves, and they cannot treat him without evidence!

"Dad! Save me! I don't want to stay here!"

Next door, Xia Mo's voice continued to pat the door with pleading.

Xia Zhengyan shouted tirelessly: "Shut up to me! I don't have a daughter like you! Like your mother, you're cheap! You can't do more than lose!"

"Dad!" Xia Mo was unbelievable. Although he preferred Xia Weiwei from childhood, she knew it was acting, but didn't he always love himself most? Does he now want to make himself guilty? How can that be!