In the delivery room of Jincheng's largest hospital, Xia Weiwei screamed in pain. She clutched the sheets under her body tightly. There was a tear-like pain in her lower body, and her body kept shaking.

It hurts, it really hurts!

Xia Weiwei sorely bit her lip, and forced hard under the doctor's instructions. This is her long-awaited child. This is her and Luo Chee's child!

Absolutely, Xia Weiwei turned her head and looked towards the door with hope, she hoped that she would stay with her at this moment.

Blood flowed from her open legs, and a nurse was distracted when she saw her: "There is no one outside, and your child will be in danger if you go this way."

Xia Weiwei's pale lips with loss and self-mockery, yeah, how could he come? He hated her so much, even if it was his child, he wouldn't come to take a look.

She's the only child left. This child can be fine!


Xia Weiwei exhausted her whole body to bring her child to this world. Her face was flushed and her body was slightly bent due to the force.

At last she slackened, and Xia Weiwei's weak body fell to the bed and gasped weakly, and a cry came from her ear.

A gentle smile appeared on her lips, and she opened her mouth hard: "My child ... let me see ..."

The nurse just wanted to put the child beside Xia Weiwei, but was snatched by someone who came in suddenly.

Xia Weiwei's eyes widened and looked at her sister Xia Mo, and she struggled to get up without any strength.

The doctors and nurses who delivered her were all returned.

"Sister, how do you say you're so lucky? It's still a boy!" Xia Mo hugged the child with a sweet smile on her face. The next word, Xia Weiwei's pupils shrank.

"But your luck is today. Unfortunately, this child was born and he couldn't see the sun of tomorrow."

The innocent baby suddenly burst into tears, and Xia Weiwei's voice was hoarse and eager: "What do you want to do, let go of my child, this is an absolute child!"

"So what? You killed your mother, will you care about the kind of sin you have?" Xia Mo scoffed sarcastically.

"I don't!" Xia Weiwei hissed exhausted.

It was a pain in her heart! Her mother was a handkerchief with Jue ’s mother. She and Jue had been a baby girl since she was a child. She loved her for eight years and thought that she could be the happiest bride in the world. But the sudden bad news made her fall from heaven to hell. .

Jue ’s mother died unexpectedly, and all the points and doubts pointed to her, but she had no reason to kill her.

Everyone thought their marriage and dating were annulled, and never expected to marry her. She thought with joy that he believed her, but the real nightmare had just begun. The insult and mockery of the wedding night tore Xia Weiwei's heart into Fragments, torture her every day. One day, Xia's father suddenly announced that he would sever the relationship between his father and his daughter, saying that it was actually Xia Mo who had contracted with him. Everyone suddenly concluded that it was Xia Weiwei's tactics that led to the death of her mother.

For a moment, she became the target of public criticism. Luo Che absolutely became worse, but began to go against Xia Mo, and just when she was about to despair, the appearance of this child gave her a hint of hope.

Xia Mo sneered: "Don't quibble. It's not enough to kill your mother. You also need to kill the mother. You are not worthy of having a child."

"You talk nonsense!" Xia Weiwei stared at her deadly, her eyes scarlet: "Xia Mo, don't think I don't know your true colors, but you're just blinded."

"Now the person who has been spurned is you. Who else would you believe what you said? If you leave the mate early, the person he loves is me!"

"You dream!" Xia Weiwei hated so much that she would never obey her!

"Really?" Xia Mo's tone was very light, and the ending just fell, and the child in his arms fell heavily to the ground.

"Do not--"

Xia Weiwei screamed violently, and the whole person fluttered madly. She fell from the bed as soon as she moved, and the plain uniform was soaked with the residual blood on the ground.

The baby was no longer crying and was motionless.

"My child ..." She crawled forward horribly, but was blocked by Xia Mo.

Xia Moju looked down at Xia Weiwei who was lying on the ground like a dog, and she felt cheerfully: "This is the end to me, Xia Weiwei, I warn you for the last time ..."

The door was suddenly opened, interrupting what she didn't finish.

Xia Mo was shocked: "Absolutely ?! Why are you here?"

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