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A Cannon Fodder Female Partner To Raise a Cub In The Era Novel

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Novel Summary

Li Jing, the apocalyptic wood-type superpower, traveled back to the cannon fodder female supporting role reborn in the era novel.

As a vicious cannon fodder, the original owner abandoned her husband and beat her stepsons and stepdaughters for true love. In the end, she was abandoned by everyone and died miserably on the street. Once she was reborn, she directly sought death.

Li Jing: “…” True love, love someone, isn’t the food delicious?

As a person who has been devastated by the apocalypse, Li Jing has only one wish – to eat.

Li Jing never tired of farming, breeding, opening restaurants, anything related to food, and accidentally became a well-known private kitchen owner.

The three cubs who were abused by the original owner were also raised by her casually and became bosses.

The eldest is a business tycoon, the second is a top hacker, and the youngest daughter has also become a Grand Slam Best Actress.

Li Jing couldn’t help but sigh: Life is now complete.

A forgotten technology boss: Wife, did you forget something?

PS: Both men and women are clean

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:ACFFPTRC
Alternate Title:年代文炮灰女配养崽崽
Author:Cha Qing
Weekly Rank:#238
Monthly Rank:#146
All Time Rank:#1934
Tags:Childcare, Farming, Female Protagonist, Rebirth, Transmigration,
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22 Comments on “A Cannon Fodder Female Partner To Raise a Cub In The Era Novel
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  1. A mediocre novel so far, slightly interesting, but the characters are lacking. ML is a bad father, has no development and no personality, just there to make up the numbers. May drop the story soon if it does not improve.

  2. Help me find the name of this novel please: After dying in a pile of zombies she was transmigrated/reborn in an ancient era. She woke up in a bed about to be attacked by the old bachelor of the village, but as he came with inhuman force, she beat and stabbed the bachelor and left her house. When he left, he met a polite young man, the most handsome in that village, threw him against a tree and attacked him. The next day he put on his clothes and went home as if nothing had happened. Chapters later she discovered that her niece set her up to be attacked by the bachelor and as punishment he threw lightning at her. With her strength she managed to hunt many animals such as pheasants, deer and even killed a tiger/wolf with a punch to the head, and then made a commitment to the young man who was attacked.

  3. Llevo mas de 700 capitulos y siento que esta novela tiene demasiados huecos argumentales y personajes irrazonables, si digo que la odio la verdad no la odio pero no puedo decir al 100% que me gusta, algunos momentos los siento forzados y muchas personas son carne de cañon que no apoyan el argumento y solo se ve de relleno, no hay dulzura de criar niños o romantica aunque no esta totalmente descartada, no es exactamente romance aunque lo unico es que FL mantiene su personaje hasta ahora estable y se desarrolla coherentemente segun su diseño (no de persona normal sino postapocaliptica) pero solo ella y siento que muchas cosas no tienen proposito... solo la terminare para poderla calificar

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