Chapter 532 The situation has changed drastically

"I won't let her get her way! She definitely wants me to commit suicide for the reputation of the Wei family and Prince Yu's Mansion! I won't do that!" Wei Qingwan gritted her teeth, her eyes scarlet.

"Yes, miss, we can't let her get what she wants. Even if we fight to the death, we can't let it go!" Cui He encouraged.


“Miss, don’t be sad. My mother and I will always be by your side, and we will find a way to help you!”

Wei Qingwan slowly raised her head and looked at Cui He beside her: "Cui He, I am useless. As a result, you and grandma can only accompany me in the backyard of the palace, suffering indifference and glare."

The more difficult the situation, the more Wei Qingwan cherishes the people who are still with her. Grandma Li and Cui He are really the people who have been with her the longest and are the most loyal to her.

"Miss, what are you talking about? I have been serving you since I became sensible. If I don't turn to you, who can I turn to?" Cui He said hurriedly.

Wei Qingwan was a little moved: "Maybe I won't be favored in the future."

 Miss, don't be discouraged, you have forgotten that Mr. Qi promised to help you. "

"How can he help me when I'm like this? What's more, he's not in good health yet, so how can he still have the energy to help me."

Wei Qingwan has given up hope on other people, and only her hatred for Wei Qingruo can support her to continue on.

Wei Qingwan gritted her teeth and said: "Don't worry, even if no one can help me, even if I have no chance of being favored, I will still not give up. I will definitely find a way to make Wei Qingruo's life worse than death!"

Even if she dies, she will drag Wei Qingruo to die with her!

As long as she remains Prince Yu’s concubine, there is still hope for her!

 As long as King Rui dies and King Yu ascends the throne, she will be able to trample Wei Qingruo under her feet.

 She can wait until that day after all!


A few days later, news came out from the Wei family that Wei Mingyong’s eldest son, Wei Yipeng, the second oldest son of the Wei family, had beaten Wei Yichen.

 Wei Yipeng made a unilateral move, but Wei Yichen did not fight back.

 Wei Yichen was an official of the imperial court. This fight almost landed Wei Yipeng in jail, but this time Wei Yichen forgave Wei Yipeng on the condition that Wei Mingyong agreed to separate the family.

 What happened in the process is unknown to outsiders, but the result was that the two elders of the Wei family formally agreed to the division of the family.

It's just that the Wei family is a noble family after all, and it won't be so quick to separate the family.

Moreover, Wei Mingting is still fighting against the Japanese, and if we really want to separate, we have to wait until he comes back, so the official separation will have to wait until at least next year.

However, the news that the second and third houses of the Wei family are not getting along is completely confirmed, and the relationship is almost on the verge of becoming a fire and water.

This matter has become a topic of discussion in the capital, and everyone thinks that the Wei family has been greatly embarrassed this time.


October 20th, the weather has become very cold these days, and there are freezing temperatures at night, so people go back to their houses as soon as it gets dark.

 But tonight, the originally quiet streets were unexpectedly noisy.

While in the palace, Wei Ruo could hear the sound of marching troops outside, the sound of horse hooves and the march of soldiers in armor.

Prince Rui's Mansion is close to the palace, and there are usually troops patrolling inside and outside, but it is not as big a battle as it is today.

 This kind of movement continued until late at night before stopping.

 Early on the next morning, Wei Ruo got up from the bed, put on a coat and came out of the inner room.

 “Sister Lin.” Wei Ruo called Lin Fang outside the door.

Lin Fang pushed open the door and walked in: "Miss, why did you get out of bed like this? It's cold now. You should pay more attention to your health."

 “How was it last night?” Wei Ruo wanted to know what happened last night. "To get back to the eldest lady, people from the Military and Horse Division surrounded the Qi family last night, and now Qi Yansong has been handed over to the Inspectorate." Lin Fang replied.

“Is it designed and arranged by King Jing?”

"Yes, King Jing set a trap for Mr. Qi. It was the fake Shengtong. Mr. Qi really sent people to assassinate him, but he was caught by King Jing. He was then taken to the emperor for a confrontation, and finally he was involved in the Xu Guogong case. "

"Hearing that the emperor was very angry and furious at that time, he immediately ordered the Qi family to be confiscated. In the middle of the night, the whole capital was shocked."

Lin Fang reports to Wei Ruohui.

“There was such a big movement last night because they went to Qi’s house to ransack their property?” Wei Ruo asked again.

"Not only that, but there are also several people who are closely related to the Qi family. Among them, the soldiers of the Qi family resisted and started fighting with the people from the Military and Horse Department. However, King Jing was more skilled and had already arranged the troops. Both sides The stalemate lasted for more than an hour, and in the end the Qi family was defeated, killing and arresting everyone."

“King Jing has hidden himself deep enough, and all the people in the army and horse divisions of the five cities have been mobilized according to his command. Before, they had not shown any signs of leakage.”

Lin Fang couldn't help but sigh.

“Hmm.” Wei Ruo was not surprised by Chu Lan’s victory, nor was he surprised that he had already planned it.

Wei Ruo thought for a while and asked, "What is the situation between Concubine Qi and Prince Yu?"

"Prince Yu was only a baby when the incident occurred. He may be ignored by the emperor, but he will not be severely punished. As for whether Concubine Qi will be fine, we have to wait for the results of the interrogation. Now she is banned from Jingren Palace by the emperor." Lin Fang replied.

 After listening to what Lin Fang said, Wei Ruo thought for a moment.

If it is the course of the original work, after Chu Lan reveals the matter, Concubine Qi will be demoted, King Yu will also be ignored, the court situation will change, and Chu Lan will become the most popular candidate for the crown prince.

 The emperor's body will collapse after this storm, and he will slowly hand over the government affairs to Chu Lan to handle it on his behalf.

By the time the emperor passed away, Chu Lan had completely taken control of the court, and it was natural for him to ascend the throne.

 After thinking about it, Wei Ruo turned around and walked back into the house.

"Miss, what are you going to do?" Lin Fang asked with concern.

"It's okay, I'll change clothes and prepare breakfast." Wei Ruo replied.

In this kind of matter, she has to choose to trust her second brother. She will do the part she can do, and let her second brother worry about the rest.

 And she has things to worry about and be busy with.

 Winter has entered, and there is still some finishing work to be done on the farm to prepare for the coming year.

Now she has more land and more accounts. Fortunately, the people under her hands are also counted as others, so she only needs to grasp the general direction.

Of course she can't relax because it means she has more people to feed, and she has to be responsible for these people who work for her.


 The Qi family fell, which was unexpected for most people in the capital.

 For a time, people in the capital were panicked.

 Those in the court who originally supported King Yu could not sit still.

The whole Wei family was in chaos, and Wei Mingyong, who had been jumping happily before, immediately panicked.

He hurriedly ran to find Mr. Wei and Mrs. Wei, worried that the matter would involve him.

 Everyone in Shou'an Hall discussed it for a long time, but because they didn't know much about the affairs in the court, they couldn't come up with a result.

They had to wait until Wei Yichen returned from the Hanlin Academy before asking him for details.

 (End of this chapter)

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