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99 Ways To Feed a Fox

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Failing to fight for the throne, he hurriedly fled after being seriously injured. It was not good to escape, but he escaped to the hot spring of the enemy’s man.

Looking at the unspeakable tycoon who once had hatred and now survives the tribulation in the world, Jiuwei Hu Leli struggled frantically.

As a result, the tail was lifted up, and the man’s long and narrow eyes flowed gently: “Fox?”

——Or a fox that can only take the form of a human.

Le Li was thrown into the splendid palace.

To eat and eat, to wear and to wear, and occasionally to be fed (?) in fancy ways, tossing between the various royal highnesses, Leli almost forgot that he is a fox king who only pursues.

So Le Li ran away decisively!

But why is the belly getting more and more bulging? ! ! !

Most importantly, who is the child?

I green myself I kill myself

have children

Content tags: childbirth sweet text oriental fantasy cute pet
Search keywords: Protagonist: Le Li ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
One-sentence introduction: the unpromising fox king
Purpose: Get up from where you fell

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Short Title:WTFF
Alternate Title:投喂狐狸的99种方式
Author:one after another and light
Weekly Rank:#4252
Monthly Rank:#6691
All Time Rank:#7555
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  1. Btw this story i dont feel love. Its more of Possessiveness and Face control only. The mc don't rly show any attitude of loving the ml while the 3/1 ml likes his looks which at the end after thinking abt it for a day or so(not rly) it just gives me a bad feeling of how i found the novel not having love at all. Yes there is all kinds of love. Even killing someone is love. But here the 3 ml likes the mc for his looks not his features like attitude or perks. And the mc don't rly like the 3 ml as he thinks its the same anyway like theres intimate scenes but i wouldn't call it affection. They emphasized on how they like him for his innocence which is a far-fetched excuse for me. Overall good novel but the fact that i dont find and feel love is very sad

  2. Ofc we can considered it as in a scenario like marriage first love later but the story already ended so its not happening

  3. Story wise its fine good plot and execution. The novels just a past time one as its not much the plot is really just predictable from the first chapter u can already guess the ending which made it a only good novel to read if u dont have any to read

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