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80’s Group Pet Blessing Package

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[Double wear + era group pet + ability + space]

Jiang Zhiying, the female overlord of the last days, transmigrated into the villain female supporting role who kept dying and ended miserably in the era text.

My father is the future boss, but my mother is the boss’ best ex-wife. Grandpa’s family doted on her, but she was the villain in the book, and she would not end well in the future.

There is also a scheming heroine who always wants to rob her father and the space jade pendant~

Jiang Zhiying said that this is not a problem. With space and abilities in hand, she can roam freely.

and many more! How did the mortal enemy pass through!

Jiang Zhiying decided to attack first, who would have known that the eyes of her nemesis were getting more and more wrong!

PS: 1V1 Shuangjie sweet pet, the male and female protagonists are big brothers.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GPBP
Alternate Title:八零团宠福气包
Author:watercolor fish
Weekly Rank:#35
Monthly Rank:#50
All Time Rank:#275
Tags:Ability Steal, Beautiful Female Lead, Child Protagonist, Childhood Sweethearts, Enemies Become Lovers, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hiding True Abilities, Magical Space, Slow Romance, Special Abilities, System, System Administrator, Transmigration, Twins,
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  1. Aku dah baca sampai 185 di sini aku binggung bukan kah ruang liontin itu belum pernah di jelajah e sama mc nya ...? Kenapa malah jadi kayang ruang pirbadi nya di kehidupan masa lalu nya yg gikut .... Gak jelas di sini apa lagi dari mana datang barang antik dan baju² yg di ruanggan itu ?.... Gak nyambung dengan cerita asal muasal liontin itu ... Kalau dari awal cerita ruang liontin itu milik nya dari masa lalu pas dia masih di ahir zaman maka baru masuk akal ... Ini kenapa gini? jadi cerita yg seru malah kelamaan aku binggung sama cerita nya ... Aaaaaaa tah lah

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