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80 Years Of Signing-In At The Cold Palace, I Am Unrivalled

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The prince who traveled through Chengyuhuashen Dynasty, but because he had let go of the concubine of the hostile country, he was abolished as the prince and entered the cold palace and was not allowed to go out.

Lin Jiufeng didn’t feel too sad. He brought the check-in system when he crossed over. As long as he checked in at a different place, he would be rewarded.

In front of the gate of Lenggong, he signed in to Zhan Tian and draw the sword!

In the palace discussion hall, he signed in to patch up the sky!

In the Queen Mother Palace, he signed the God of War Catalogue!

Lin Jiufeng thought he signed in silently until the world was invincible, but who would have thought that the concubine, who had been released by her privately, would rebel and seize power after returning to China.

After seizing power, the first thing she did was to attack the Yuhua Shen Dynasty and rescue Lin Jiufeng.

After Lin Jiufeng heard the news, he was at a loss: “Do I need your help?”

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Short Title:8YSCPIAU
Alternate Title:冷宫签到八十年,我举世无敌
Author:Girls Are Cute
Weekly Rank:#341
Monthly Rank:#310
All Time Rank:#347
Tags:Adultery, Beast Companions, Cheats, Cold Protagonist, Death of Loved Ones, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Overpowered Protagonist, System, Time Skip,
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  1. Now the story is just more and more unreasonable people keep appearing and getting killed by mc or maybe it was always like this. But anyways it got annoying

  2. I just hope that the red girl doesn't become his girl too. She had never done anything for the Mc even though he helped her many times. The white cat was always with him and worried about him all the times and she is his closest person so the red girl is just someone he knows and only care about herself and only helped the Mc in the latest chps to repay his help but author is making it seen like she gave her life countless times for him and is probably trying to make the two stay together and I personally don't think she is even close to deserve to be with him so I hope the author don't come with some bs to keep them together

  3. I agree. She had her chance but blew it. Author already made the story messy as it is. So keeping it with 1 girl can still save this novel...

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