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70s Women Disguised As Men

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The first-line actress, Tong Yanren, has long legs and beautiful voice.

But a car accident caused her to wear a chronological book, and she became a young man with the same name as her.

Yes, yes, it’s a male partner…

In the book, the original owner has a twin brother who looks exactly like him. In order to save his brother from going to the countryside, his parents let the original owner disguise as a man and replace him in the countryside.

Tong Yan, who had passed through, looked at herself in the mirror, with short hair and a flat chest, and her smile was paler than her face. She was not well…
Tsk… Although she has acted as Mulan, she doesn’t want to be a real Mulan at all!

In order not to be discovered,
Cut wheat, dig wells, build yard walls,
She has to bite the bullet in all the work a man does.

Before swapping back with that cheap brother, she could only learn to be a person with her tail clipped like the original owner.

Just when she thought she could hide from the sky, two houses in the educated youth compound suddenly collapsed.
Since the village arranged for her to sleep with the educated youth male lead, the man’s eyes looked at her more and more wrong…
Could it be that his identity was exposed? !

One day, when Tong Yan was uneasy and wanted to test him,
The drunk male lead pushed her by the firewood in the educated youth compound,
The usually cold and abstinent face is a little red,
He just listened to him gritting his teeth in his ears and saying: “The surname Tong, can you not be so silly!”
As soon as the voice fell, I found her lips kissed out of control…

“Gray-headed face, fake high-cold × not gentle, really black-bellied”

ps: The heroine has changed the dollar finger, will slowly come back beautiful! The full text is overhead.

Content Tag: Crossing Time and Space Farming Text Wearing Books Chronological Text Sweet

Search keywords: Protagonist: Tong Yan, Shen Shaoqing Supporting role: Others:

One sentence brief: I think I fall in love with him? she? he? …

Purpose: There is such a person, whoever you are is willing to accompany you, cherish each other, and the years are peaceful.

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Short Title:WDAM
Alternate Title:七十年代女扮男装
Author:Clean water soap bubbles
Weekly Rank:#3356
Monthly Rank:#3077
All Time Rank:#4150
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Cross-dressing, Drama, Entertainment, Family, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Military, Power Couple, Transmigration, Twins, Ugly to Beautiful,
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  1. Es una de las mejores historias que leí, vale la pena y el mejor protagonista masculino por lejos, decidido sin complejos, sabe lo que quiere y por amor es capaz de cambiar todo de si y aceptar su amor como tal.

  2. If its 60s-70s-most are farming, educated youths, black market tradings. 80s- Business era, College pursuits, Finding Tragets

  3. It was worth it. There's not much misunderstanding. The secret also exposed halfway the story. They started in love openly around chapter 38. There was supernatural power guarding her so most plot involving villain ended twistedly.

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