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70’s Villian Female Educated Youth

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When she wakes up, Qin LingLing wears a book and becomes a female educated youth with a dead husband and a father who does not love her mother. But who will told her, how did her dead husband come back? And all day long, he looked at her as if he was saving a lost girl, what is going on?

“The first time I saw him, I was in the middle of a disaster.”

After Gu Zheng came back from the disaster relief site, he had only one purpose, to save his wife who would turn bad in the future.

Just, why is she not quite the same as he imagined? Every day is soft and clingy, making him just want to spoil her, regardless of what she becomes.

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Short Title:70VFEY
Alternate Title:七零女知青[穿书]
Author:Xi Zhou
Weekly Rank:#1108
Monthly Rank:#1282
All Time Rank:#1394
Tags:Adopted Children, Beautiful Female Lead, Complex Family Relationships, Cooking, Cute Protagonist, Familial Love, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Jealousy, Marriage, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Second Chance, Soldiers, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration,
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38 Comments on “70’s Villian Female Educated Youth
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  1. I get bored when the story its getting more about her in-laws and its no longer about the main mc. For someone who come from 21st century, she is not acted like one..really. Dont get me started about romance or their intimate moment.. I hated it when the girl from 21st century but her interaction with ML like someone who come from 60-70’s!! Really for this I skipped so much!! Overall boringggg

  2. Alguien podría por favor 🙏😘😘 decirme cómo se llama la novela que describen al final del capítulo 77 quiero leerla si no es mucha molestia podrían poner los enlaces de las novelas que recomiendan o de perdida el nombre por favor 🙏😘

  3. Hola🤗 gracias por compartir está novela boy en el capítulo 41 asta ahora me párese buena ....solo una pregunta a quien la a leído y entendido bien por qué tratan y se trata ella misma a Gu you la hermana del protagonista como si fuera menor que Quin Lingg Ling la esposa de su hermano si al comenzar la historia de describió que era un año menor que su hermano y su hermano tiene 25. Entonces está tiene 24 y la esposa Quin Lingg Ling se describió que tiene casi *18*me enoja el que se comporte como si fuera menor que su cuñada

  4. Hola saben donde puedo encontrar una novela donde la protagonista trasmigra en una joven educada y mejor amiga de la heroina en los años 70 en donde ella decide no mezclarse con los protagonista y creo que se casa con un soldado ayudaaaa

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