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70s: Dressed As a Villain’s Wife

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Su Xiaoman is a fake daughter of a wealthy family. She is not related to her biological parents. She is rejected by her adoptive parents.
When she woke up again, she found herself wearing a book and became the village flower Su Xiaoman in the 1970s.
Su Xiaoman is the best wife of a chronology villain male supporting role.
The original Su Xiaoman, who dislikes poverty and loves the rich, is devoted to climbing high branches, and is obsessed with Jiang Yantang, the educated youth male protagonist who just went to the countryside.
Su Xiaoman is unwilling to marry Xie Mingtu because of his innocence, and is still obsessed with the male protagonist Jiang Yantang. Who knows that not long after, the second brother of the male protagonist Jiang Yantang went to the countryside to visit relatives, and found that the poor boy Xie Mingtu was the child of the Jiang family, and the male protagonist Jiang Yan Tang was held wrong.
Xie Mingtu returned to Jiang’s house in the courtyard, but he was ridiculed and ridiculed because he was gloomy and vulgar, and he couldn’t compare to the fake boy Jiang Yantang, and his wife was even more obsessed with Jiang Yantang…
In this way, Xie Mingtu was completely blackened, mad and ruthless, and became the biggest villain in the book, and ended up tragically.
When Su Xiaoman opened her eyes, Xie Mingtu, the biggest villain in the book, was about to feed her rice soup. Her clothes were tattered and her bones were thin. When she saw her wake up, her tone was humble and cautious:
When Xie Mingtu thought that the woman would not give him any response, a pair of slender and tender hands grabbed his thin wrist.
The former wealthy fake daughter x the real son of the courtyard
[Growing-up male and female protagonists, the male protagonist has super potential. In the early days, he drove a tractor in the village, and later joined the army to fly a plane. 】

Content tags: sweet text through the book chronological text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Su Xiaoman ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:
One sentence introduction: True and false collision.
Purpose: work together, work together to become rich, and live an optimistic and positive life in the era of struggle.

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Short Title:DAVW
Alternate Title:七零之穿成反派妻子
Author:Squirrel Drunken Fish
Weekly Rank:#1190
Monthly Rank:#1064
All Time Rank:#2953
Tags:Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Kind Love Interests, Marriage, Poor to Rich, Pregnancy, Transmigration, Urban,
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  1. Another cliche novel for me, but I still read anyways 🤭 the plot same as other novel I read. The beginning is good but towards the end I skip a lot. The most annoying this in this novel is the author keep repeated told us how handsome and beautiful ML and FL! Nobody as handsome as him in every chapter. The thing I like about this novel is the chapter short.

  2. Just completed this novel. I recommend if you're looking for something w/o face slapping or a up and down narrative. If it was longer i would not like it as much.

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