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10,000 Times the Reward of Apprenticeship: Martial Dao Horizontal Push is Weird

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Novel Summary

Ye Ran traveled to a world dominated by demons and monks, and became the owner of a small martial arts hall.

Here, there is no inheritance of martial arts, and there is no day for warriors to come forward.

However, since Ye Ran’s arrival, martial arts have risen, and as long as the disciples become stronger, they can get various rewards.

In the face of many demons, Ye Ran smiled.

“I’m sorry, I only have physical oversight.”

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Alternate Title:授徒万倍奖励:武道横推诡异
Author:cold and windless
Weekly Rank:#345
Monthly Rank:#2277
All Time Rank:#3288
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Early Romance, Male Protagonist, Master-Disciple Relationship, System, Weak to Strong,
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55 Comments on “10,000 Times the Reward of Apprenticeship: Martial Dao Horizontal Push is Weird
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  1. This novel is full of nonsense apparently body refining pills can't work for cultivators no reason why, I guess they're not the same species 😅

  2. Shit story with so many holes. in a world where demons are rampant and cultivators are on the top and look at martial artists with disdain, is the basic background. so, here our MC goes on showing off that he has a pill that can make martial artists stronger? and he invites a cultivator into the house as a friend and when the cultivator asks, why are you not cultivating? the mc says- i am cultivating, the technique is called- lyying flat cultivation tech and he breakthrough in front of him to next realm. srsly? are you not telling everyone that i am invisible and can get stronger and even surpass cultivators? like which brain dead doesn't know that when there is conflict between two parties, one party will never allow other to gain any kind of advantage, and here MC doesn't every try to hide his abilities and brings danger upon onself. shit story...

  3. He is martial artist.. he runs a martial arts dojo at first,the first problem is when he got invited to guard so the people can be at ease when the monk is fighting the zombie..then he killed the zombie got famous.. got invited again famous again..got invited to birthday, ghost attacks he defended..got famous again..got invited again, ghost attack again he fight 1v4or5 ..and got famous again.. what he didn't know is cultivators/monks hated martial artist.. and now the leader of cultivators wants to kill him.. and also it says 10,000 but the highest I saw till chap 169 is 100 times..

  4. After he got chased..he went to the Female leads clan..then after few months the leader of cultivators bribed the clan ancestor something to hand him over but the father of FL teleport them far away.. he hides and met princess of the past emperor who got killed by cultivators.. he accepted her as disciple..then he make an army of martial artist about 100,000...gets feedback from the system..got stronger but not enough to kill the leader of cultivators but can defend and injure if he works together with his friend and FL..then he gathered attention to get more people to practice martial arts.. then chap 194 they fled again to buy time..

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