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I apologize for the evening, I read some comments in the background, and I feel that I am not responsible for what I said. In fact, I didn't feel very good at night, but I didn't want to convey it to you, so I deliberately used a relaxed tone. It may be easy to make it easy. Everyone thinks this is a trivial matter. I feel that my idea of ​​stopping is too naive. But in fact it is not a trivial matter. I have seriously thought about it in the past few days.

My writing method is problematic. I don't like to write plots. I like to write people to set things up, but the cute points need to be reflected in beautiful descriptions, as well as interaction.

Suppose the environment does not allow this. I don't know if you can understand my confusion. This is also the way the environment is written to me. I am thinking about the conversion of my own writing. I have a lot of thoughts in my mind. I don't have the energy to update at the same time, and I definitely don't want to write. I can't write what I think is cute.

It is also important to note that the whole book is missing nearly 70,000 words. In my eyes, the coherence in the front is completely untenable. It is said to be unpredictable. I don’t know how you think about this. I feel very obsessive. I have always treated my book with care. This situation will be very difficult, and it will be difficult to suffer from it, and it will be evasive and the eyes will not be seen. I will also review this. In fact, I went to the president's text, and it was because of the year's events, because I couldn't stand the missing chapters.

I have tried and updated repeatedly, but the writing of this book has been fixed. I can't jump out. I continue to use this kind of succinct way of writing, which is contrary to the big environment, so I am in a dilemma.

I will finish this book, I hope that everyone will give me time, it will end, I just want to temporarily escape this state. As for why it was a coincidence to say stop the day before the explosion, I certainly didn't expect this week to happen. If you are very mindful, and when my current status is over, I will finish it for everyone, and I won’t stop it too hard.

In the last new book, my thoughts are also simple. I can't continue to write this book at the moment, but I can't write anything without stopping. The author's feel is familiar and needs daily updates to maintain, just as I urgently need to convert. The new book will give me a feeling of a new beginning, which is good for conversion. So I said that I can open a new book and continue to accompany you. As the new book is slowly written, there may be a new feeling for the old text, and then the ending will be finished little by little.

This is what I mean. I hope that everyone can understand, understand and understand that I can't control it. I tell you the truth. The above is the real state and thoughts. It is also the real situation I am facing. It is not that I am talking nonsense.

Ah, I really don't want to say this heavily, I want to be easy. It’s just a book for everyone, but it’s a two-year effort for me, but there is something that can be tolerated _(:зゝ∠)_ Who will stop at the end of the game? Isn’t that stupid?

I hope that everyone understands this, but everyone spends money to see genuine, and I understand everyone's mood. I will slowly finish it, but psychologically, it is a bit complicated at the moment. Moreover, it is not easy to convert the writing method, so that the cute point text becomes a drama, which is two very different types. The operation is too difficult.

Good night, the difficulties have to be overcome, and the text has to work hard to write.

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