No matter how the wedding night is over, the current sea of ​​rolling waves makes Yu Chu very difficult.

She took a few mouthfuls of water.

The sea was blown up by the strong winds, the deep blue waves rolled, and the white foam rolled out.

Thick black clouds rolled in and rolled up a black line from the edge of the sea level line, magnifying over time, as if a black wall was erected.

Yu Chu no expression: "System, I think I will either die in the tsunami or die in the belly."

The system is a bit gloating. "No, the little mermaid will come to save you."

Yu Chu still wants to say something more, but the sea surface is ups and downs. From time to time, she is photographed below the sea by huge waves, and floats out of the water under the buoyancy of the board.

So reciprocating, Yu Chu is weak:

"But how can she still not..."

If the words are not finished, the system suddenly says: "Look."

With inexplicable emotions, Yu Chu narrowed his eyes and looked up into the distance.

In the distant places, there seems to be a slender figure, drawing a beautiful and straight line from the surface of the sea, coming in the direction of its own.

The sea is undulating, and the wind and waves are slamming the reefs of Shanghai. The ocean of life cradle seems to be horrible.

But in this seemingly end-of-life view, the figure is unaffected, and it moves flexibly through the raging waves, like the elves of the sea.

Yu Chu thought for a moment, "The prince was saved in a coma. Should I faint?"

System: "In order to avoid changing the plot and causing subsequent confusion, maybe you should faint."

So, the prince of the blonde decided to set her mind, and closed her eyes with a slap in the face, licking her neck and kneeling on the board, a coma.

The slender figure quickly swam over, and Yu Chu could feel the waves drawn by the other side, and the water ripples through his body and swayed.

She held her breath -

The man only stopped for a moment, then, as if nothing had been seen, traveled... gone.

Unconscious Prince: "..."

Waiting for the little mermaid to save his own metaphor, the mood at this time is arrogant.

...say a good script? She did not change the plot, why is the follow-up plot different?

She finally couldn't help but open her eyes and rushed to the figure: "Hey, wait--"

What caught your eye was a long, blue-haired hair.

Long hair like a waterfall covers the entire back, revealing a beautiful shoulder line and a slender figure.

The man's slender white arm crossed the sea, and the clear blue fish tail swayed under the water. He heard the sound of Yu Chu and finally stopped his figure.

Yu Chu had no time to appreciate the stunning style of the back, struggling to be drowned by the waves and being lifted by the planks, and it was difficult to face the human:

"Save... Hey..."

I only said one word, and the waves that swept over took her into the water again.

The little mermaid turned back.

Yu Chu struggled to hold the board again and floated up, and looked into a pair of ice blue eyes.

On a small, delicate face, the blue scorpion is sleek and the color is as pure as the sea.

The child of the sea is the embodiment of beauty.

But Yu Chu did not like to appreciate the beauty, only widened his eyes and stared at the other's chest.

A flat piece.

Flat chest is not this kind of law...

Meow meow meow?

Is it such a beautiful and slender person -

Is it actually a boy? !

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