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It's like a big dream for a lifetime.

When the girl woke up, with tears in her eyes, she stared vaguely at the ceiling above and opened her eyes blankly. It took a long time for her to come back to her senses.

This room is very familiar.

The large and neat double bed is blue, everything in the room is neat and tidy, the small table lamp is faint in the corner, and the dawn is outside the window.

The heart is still throbbing.

She stayed for a while, slowly curled up, buried herself in the soft quilt, staring blankly at the corner light.

Does she only remember the fragments?

They will disappear in reality after all.

If I knew this, it would be better not to meet, and to see the divine body directly after completing all the tasks, avoiding the separation from each fragment.

Yu Chu's vision was hazy again.

The girl curled up helplessly.


But she knows, she wants to see. If everyone disappears, then she must meet again. Everyone has to meet.


She will remember. remember forever…

The girl bit her lips tightly.

She has been crying since she was little, and no matter how sad she just shrank silently, the big tears fell, but the whole room was silent.

The door rang suddenly.

Someone seemed to push the door open, followed by the sound of gentle footsteps.

The man walked towards her.

He stopped by the bed, leaned slightly, and was startled when he noticed that the girl was sobbing.

The room was quiet for a few seconds.

The needle drop can be heard.

After that, the man gently sat on the edge of the bed, wrapped his slender white fingers, leaned over and hugged him, and wrapped Yu Chu in his arms.

The white chin rested lightly on her forehead.

Yu Chu's eyes met half of the delicate collarbone.

The man was wearing loose pajamas, the white collar button was slightly open, and the beauty appeared a bit lazy.

His voice was clear and cold, as it was a long time ago, deep and beautiful, "Don't be sad, Chu Chu. We want to see you, not to make you sad."

The faint scent of cold lingering around him.

The girl closed her eyes and gently grabbed the corner of his clothes. She couldn't help her feelings of sadness, so she could only choke in a low voice, "I know, I'm sorry..."

The boy paused, then reluctantly pursed his lips, lowered his eyes and kissed her forehead, "I didn't say this to make you apologize. Chu Chu...you look at me."

He lifted the girl's face slightly.

In Yu Chu's blurred vision, a delicate face gradually appeared, and the beautiful young boy curled his lips and smiled, and his beautiful face was the same as before.

Countless pasts rushed to my heart.

The innocent **** who loves blushing so much... She had kissed him secretly in the cinema. At that time, the boy blushed at a loss, but in the end he took the initiative to kiss him back.

He treats her very well.

But the better, the more sad she is now.

Su Yan raised his eyebrows and watched the girl cry more fiercely. He sighed, his fair and delicate face approached, and his cold voice was soft and comforting: "Otherwise, when I disappear, Chuchu don't look at it."

"No." Before the voice was over, the girl rubbed her eyes to veto, "I want to keep looking at you."

She grabbed the boy's collar and pulled him down a little bit toward herself, "From now on to the end, you are not allowed to leave my sight, you are not allowed to move a step."

The teenager looked at her innocently.

The two looked at each other for a few seconds, and the girl's eyes were firm.

As expected, the Great God couldn't resist this line of sight, he coughed and looked away.

The boy's white cheeks were a little blush, but he still maintained a cold look.

He has a soft voice and obediently said: "Okay."

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