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The sea breeze blew gently, and Yu Chu was lying on the sea level, with the slender hands of the little mermaid on her waist. She was stunned when she heard these words.

Hiss... I'm going to die, and attack again with love words?

The dark blue night and the sea almost merged together. Under such a beautiful scenery, Yu Chuzheng wanted to be moved by the occasion, but the other party clung to her stickyly and rubbed her face with affection, "Chu Chu."

"What are you doing?" Yu Chu was startled.

"Before I was the one who followed you to the shore... Do you want to go to the sea with me?"

The boy spoke slowly, his long ice-blue hair dangling in the sea, and those ice-blue eyes blinked innocently, and the beautiful fishtail quietly rolled up, and the crystal water drops playfully raised, and the tail curled in a beautiful arc.

Yu Chu: "..."

She dared not move, raised her eyes and looked around.

It's over. She was so far from the shore now that she could barely see her, and she was surrounded by deep blue water.

It’s impossible to run off to the shore...

She immediately tried to communicate: "Little Anmor, I am a human being. I can't breathe underwater, and the water pressure of the deep sea will squeeze the human body."

"Huh?" The little mermaid's tail sounded soft, her voice was as beautiful as the foam on the sea in the morning, and her lips gently curled, "I didn't say that I was going to the deep sea."

The ice-blue fishtail licked the girl, "Here, the sea is just fine, it won't let you fall."

He blinked, his beautiful curled eyelashes covered the ice blue, his voice was dull, and he said half-jokingly and half-seriously: "...I will catch you."

He held the girl in one hand, swam gently behind her, and noticed that she was tense, he couldn't help but raised his thin lips and smiled, "You should be on the shore."

Yu Chu: "..."

Messing around! What a mess!

How could this be considered on the shore? !

She was tight, listening to the light breathing in her ears, and the sound of the wind heard the whistle of the distant ship. There were only two figures on the silent sea. The fish tail was beautiful and ice blue, and the same icy blue hair was winding on the sea. the following.

It seemed to be very interesting in the sea. In the next few days, the little mermaid would always pester her in various ways, pitifully begging to go to the sea to play.

He likes water and her more, so being in the sea with her always feels more enjoyable.

Yu Chu always wrote "ridiculous" on his face.

The little mermaid gently hugged her up to the reef, and she shook her tail beside the reef, squinted at the stars, her fingers still holding the girl's hand.

"Chu Chu, will you remember me in the future?"

Yu Chu hesitated and asked, "If the fragments return to the divine body...where will you go?"

"I will become a divine body." The little mermaid whispered, "Does Chu Chu know what a complete return is? It's not that the body disappears, but that all the people in this world have no memories of me."

"So," the young man's slender fingers raised the girl's tail, his voice soft and soft, "I'm like I never appeared. Only you remember me, Chuchu, you won't forget me... right?"

The girl stared at him, moved her lips, and nodded silently.

The first ray of sunlight in the morning appeared at sea level.

In the morning light, the young man gently shook the fish's tail, gently covering the thin lips, and the corners of the lips were slightly hooked.

Two silhouettes are picturesque.

As the sun rises, the boy's fish tail gradually turns into a gorgeous bubble, and finally the body and face.

"do not forget me."

"Only you prove that I existed."

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