Yu Chu is not easy to emerge from the waves, a spray shot, and took her down.


She finally hugged a wooden board in a hurry, glaring at her two big eyes, staring blankly at the tumbling waves, pitifully like a two-pound child:

"System, where is this?"

"Pseudo-fairy, the world of mermaid."

Yu Chu’s heart has no waves... a ghost, she has a very bad premonition, so she asks:

"Mermaid, I know, but that's not a good fairy tale. What do you mean by adding a pseudo-character?"

The system was quietly silent for a while, and said: "When you meet the Lord God, you will know."

Yu Chu then shut up.

She was with the Lord God for hundreds of years. When she was a baby, she was taken back by the grown-up to raise her. For her, although the Lord God is always a teenager, it is almost the same as the elders...

The soul fragments of the adults are scattered all over the plane, and she binds the system and comes to collect the fragments.

As for the method of collection...

It depends on the strategy provided by the system.

The full name of the system is called "The Lord God Soul Plane Raiders System". Of course, this strategy does not refer to love, but refers to proximity and is recognized. There are many kinds of recognition, appreciation, admiration, and sympathy...

Anyway, it will be recognized.

Yu Chu asked: "In that world, what do I need to do to get the recognition of adults?"

The sound of the system has no ups and downs: "After meeting with the Lord God, the Raiders can be provided. Note: This system only provides the reference opinion of the Raiders. The specific method needs to be judged and executed by the host."

Yu Chu: "..." What do you want?

However, it is said that the system was built by the previous Lord God... It should still be reliable.

She floated on the sea with her wooden planks and asked with enthusiasm: "Where is the story now? Who is my body in this plane, is there a wish?"

The "body" is the body used by the soul in each plane. The body must match her soul to be used.

Moreover, if the original owner of the body has a wish, Yu Chu must complete the other party's wishes in order to successfully use the other's body.

After the transaction begins, Yu Chu will first obtain the right to use the body within a certain period of time.

If the deadline does not complete the original owner's wish, it will be equal to the transaction failure, she will no longer be able to use this body.

System A: "The plot has been carried out to: shipwreck. The identity of the host is the prince in the fairy tale, the wish is: cancel the marriage contract, marry a boy. The period is: five months. Please pay attention to the host, not completed after five months The original wish is that you will no longer be able to use the body."


Wait, where is it wrong?

Yu Chu stayed: "Why did he marry a boy?"

The system said, "You touch."

Yu Chu raised his hand subconsciously, covered the chest of the body, and then could not help but slightly open his eyes, a strange face - she could clearly feel that under the restraint of the cloth strip, it was slightly convex and soft.

"Prince... is a girl?"

Yu Chu blinked his eyes and held the wooden board to receive the memory of the original master. He only felt that the thunder was rolling.

As the sole heir to the kingdom, Princess Ryan was trained as a boy since childhood, and later married a princess because of the political marriage between the countries...

Yu Chu said: "I just want to know, how did the wedding night pass?"

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