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1 The sequel to this article has been launched in the bookstore. The title of the book is The Thirty-ninth Raiders. Interested friends can search it. But to explain one thing, the sequel is written every one or two years, which is not exactly the same as the style and details of this article. If you don't like it, just click the cross, please don't open your mouth and spray, respect the objective changes of time and the environment. Dear friends, welcome to follow up~ Now everyone doesn't ask much, and so do I. I'm lucky to have an ending.

2 Regarding the deletion of this book, I am also very uncomfortable with perfectionism. Then try your best to solve it. This article will be published in Quick Pass 100, and there will be an exclusive story in the published physical book~! In addition, the planes included in the physical book will all be the full version, without any deletions, only the space will be increased. Of course, publishing is also indispensable to the peripherals. If you want to collect physical books and the little cuties around them, you are welcome to pay attention to Weiwei Chaohua Youjiang, and you will be notified in time if there is any news of publication.

3 Thank you for your continued support. In fact, the idea of ​​filling the hole, I am also very afraid. According to the cute point of my love writing, I don't fill in the pit, I write other things, I should not starve to death, and even filling in the pit will have more problems, such as my taste has changed after so long, I don't want to write so much I have interacted with each other in love and want to write about Chu Chu and start a career. My personal cuteness has also changed, which is different from me two years ago. These can cause many, many problems. Deciding to write a sequel is actually quite stressful, but this is my own book, and it is fortunate to have an ending. Thank you to all of you who discovered this book before, and to those who chose to support me through ups and downs. Some people have come and gone in a few years. I wish you all the best in your life. For me, it is also good news for publishing after filling the hole, so persistence may really bring surprises~

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