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1.5 Million Dollar Child Custody Contract

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He said coolly: “One million a month, stay with me!” She raised her eyebrows and smiled: “Pay a 30% deposit first, no credit!” Show no mercy. When the contract expired, she turned around gracefully, and when he chased after her, she found that there was already a kid the size of a kid beside her…

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Short Title:OMDCCC
Alternate Title:前夫有毒:1000万夺子契约
Author:Jasper Xiao
Weekly Rank:#1603
Monthly Rank:#723
All Time Rank:#4326
Tags:Childcare, Cute Children, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
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  1. Hi wanted to ask about a novel his a bad doctor and his son died because of him after that he also died he transmigrated in a beast world I think and he has a system where he need scum points to resurrect his son Ang grow it on his belly please help

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  3. Umm... Where to begin? If you want to skip all the hesitation and dragging moments, read after chapters 500 and over. It will bring you to the midst of the drama. Over all I stopped after 700ish. Ml is clearly a psychopath and everything he's done (bad) is equivalent to FL not telling him one thing about raising her sister kid. And the story portray it as the same level of all the things ml did... Not comparable at all and guilt shaming FL to feel that way the whole time. But yeah lost interest as soon as she took him back and dropped her strong and dependant esteem.

  4. By the way, ML loves the fact that FL had only slept with him in her life, first time everything 🤦 meanwhile he changes women/ secretaries that he's sleeping with often. And also lashes out first before researching including his family publicly shame her.

  5. Thank you for letting us know. Such scum is not worth reading the novel. I see a pattern where they portray ML as abusive and torture the FL only for her to forgive him easily and have no backbone

  6. Right, like it's normal for men or people in general to behave like that. There's a few chapters in this novel where he imprisoned her after forcing her to get in the car in front the child and others. Then after being imprisoned in the hotel room, he tries to choke her because of his paranoia let alone at night raping her while asleep thinking it's okay he's being gentle so she likes it and won't harm the baby. This mindset is clearly not normal

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